President's Message

President's Message

会长留言(President Message)


第23届(也就是2019和2020年度)新届的董事会。这一届有8位是新脸孔,其中有1位是女将。新届董事会可说是年轻有为的第二代,本人希望有了他们的加入,整个董事会更加积极开拓创新,锐意改革、实行 “为行业服务,为会员服务,为政府服务” 的宗旨,大家 “携手合作,共创辉煌。这一届的董事会本人将加强建设互动交流平台,让会员们更多关注商会及增加会员之间的交流。



Since the establishment of the Penang Furniture & Timber Industry Association, it has made significant contributions to promoting the development of the furniture industry in Penang by adhering to the principle of Association’s Constitution, standardizing operations and earnestly fulfilling its objectives. I would like to thank all members for their kindness and let me be re-elected as the president of the 23rd Board of Committees. It is both a responsibility and a challenge. First of all, I would like to pay a high tribute and gratitude to the former committees of the 22nd ! Because of their assistance and solidarity, the 22nd session was successfully completed to achieve the goal.

The 23rd (2019 -2020) new board of committees. There are 8 new faces in this session, and one of them is a female. The new board of committees can be said to be a young and promising second generation. I hope that with their participation, the entire board of committees will be more active in innovation and innovation, and will implement the policy of “serving the industry, serving members and serving the government”. "Working together to create brilliance. This session of the Board of committees will strengthen the construction of interactive communication platform, allowing members to pay more attention to the Association and increase exchanges between members.

We have entered a new era, a time of wisdom, and the best of times. New eras must have new goals, new ideas, new measures, and new achievements. Therefore, this session I will continue to promote the PFTIA Youth of the Association, so that this group of energetic and energetic young people, innovative working mechanism can believe that it can create a new world for the association. The PFTIA Youth of the association was established on September 29, 2018. It is still in the embarrassing stage. The Board of Committees is still slowly studying and researching. In the future, the PFTIA Youth’s constitution will be drafted so that the PFTIA Youth can truly play its role and organize more useful bodies and minds activities to promote youth groups.

In the end, I will respect the former veterans and consultants, carry forward their fine traditions, and use their hopes and influence to promote the development of the association. At the same time, the Association will actively cooperate with the Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC), the Malaysian Wood Industry Association (MWIA), the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) and the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) to assist the government. Promote the development of the furniture industry, assist members to expand business opportunities to promote trade and investment, drive local businesses to go abroad, and move to the international market, so that the Penang furniture brand in Malaysia can help to take off and create new advantages!