Aims & Objective

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Association are: -
1. To encourage promote and protect the common interest of manufacturers and traders in the state of Penang including in Province Wellesley who are involve in the furniture industry, wood based industry and related industry.
2. To promote and facilities interaction and strengthening relations between the industry or members and Government departments and with other commercial bodies
3. To foster the spirit of mutual help and assistance among members, to adjust differences among members themselves and also between members and other bodies or individual including to act as arbitrators whenever required.
4. To subscribe to, affiliate or become a member of or co-operate with any public organization or institution or association where it is considered such subscription, membership or co-operation is essential or conducive to the objects of the association.
5. To render assistance in developing wood-based educational activities or setting up related schools and technical colleges and to organize relevant exhibition, dialogue sessions and trade mission.


1. 促进与维护槟州家具、木基及相关协力行业厂商的共同利益。
2. 促进同业、会员与政府部门及其他商业团体的联系与交流。
3. 加强会员之间的互助与谅解,调解会员之间或其他组织之间的分歧与纠纷。
4. 加入或附属被视为对贯彻本会宗旨有帮助的任何公共组织与行团为会员。
5. 协助开办与木基工业有关之教育活动,或设立木基培训学校及技术学院,并主办有关木基工业之展览会,对话和组织贸易考察团