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History of Organization

History of Organization

Ever since Penang Island lost its free trade zone status in the beginning of 1970s, Penang was hit by severe economic crisis. With the slump of the whole industrial businesses, citizens were then forced to face increasing unemployment rates, therefore decreasing economic spending power. With the decrease of spending power, businesses owners then resort to slash the original selling price for the hope of attracting customers. With this situation all businesses were then impacted with minimize profit margin resulting in unbearable situation for all. Under this pessimistic condition, businesses owners then started to establish guilds or organizations to safeguard their entitlement and trade.

22nd March 1974, furniture elites held a meeting at Restaurant Kim Hee at Butterworth Kampung Banggali, with the intention of setting up an association for Penang furniture industry. Furniture business owners then agreed to form an unity to claim and protect the rights of the involved. “Penang, Province Wellesley and Kedah Furniture Manufacturers and Dealers Association” was born on the 28th January 1975, with the approval from Registry of Society. Soon after, on the 6th April 1975, a board of committee was elected and formed under the leadership of President Mr. Lim Huan Poay and Honorary Secretary Kwang Qi Po. Through committee and members’ unity, this association located at Butterworth Club Road was built with great success and purpose. They started and continue to work with government bodies to strengthen and maintain economic benefits for all.

The association office was relocated to 18, 1st floor, Jalan Heng Choon Tiam, Bagan Baru in 1976.

An Annual General Meeting was held on the 14th October 1984 with intention from Kedah State to form an independent furniture association. After approval “Penang, Province Wellesley and Kedah Furniture Manufacturers and Dealers Association” was changed to “Penang Furniture Manufacturers and Dealers Association. In 1988, the 7th board of committee under leadership of President Mr. Kong Sek Kong, Honorary Secretary Mr. Teoh Si Kiang co-operated with Penang Chinese Chamber and Commerce to organize a “Penang Expo” to showcase and introduce Penang furniture’s to the public. The Expo generated more than RM 100,000 which later was used for purchasing a new RM 140,000, 2 storey office shop house at Jalan Chain Ferry as association property on 25th September 1988 with the approval by Extraordinary General Meeting.

In conjunction with the association 21 st Anniversary, the 10th board committee, under the President Mr. Guan Kok Beng, Honorary Secretary Mr. Loo Khay Thye and Organization Chairman Mr. Koh Giok Kiat, the association successfully organized another fund raising dinner, funds collected with the sales of dinners tickets and sponsorship combined with the sale of the old Chain Ferry office, the association then purchased the existing RM 450,000, 3 storey shop house at Taman Kelasah, Seberang Jaya Butterworth. We were honored to invite Honorary Advisor Ybhg DatukTan Sri Dr. Sek Cheng Lum as the guest of honor to inaugurate the official launching of the office on the 30 th April 1999.


70 年代初期,槟岛自失去自由港地位后,工商百业萎缩,人民生活清苦,失业率偏高,致使购买力不强。一些行业,为了争取有限之市场,不惜贱价求售,削价求存, 造成恶性竞争,影响了行业应有之利润,势必阻碍经济之发展。在这大环境之下,商业行团即如雨后春荀般的设立起来,以维护同业的利益。

槟州家具同业商会在70年代召集了家具精英於1974年3月22日,聚集于北海甘榜孟加里路的金禧酒家商讨成立公会大计。当时大家皆同意成立家具同业商 会,1975年1月28日注册局正式批准并取名为“槟威吉家私同业商会” ,同年4月6日正式召开会员大会并举行选举,选出主席林焕培,总务邝棋波领导商会,会所设于北海俱乐部路。历届理事同心共济,大力发展会务,配合政府的政策,会务可说日飞猛进。


80年代,吉打州正式成立自己的同业商会而退出。1984年10月14日大会议决把“槟威吉家私同业商会”改为“槟州家具同业商会”。会务因历劫理事共同努力,日进千里,经济稳定。1988年,第七届会长龚锡光,总务张世坚及全体理事会同仁,倾力合作下,发动首次筹款,与槟州中华总商会联合主办“槟州博览 会”,借此活动筹得十多万,并於1988年9月25日特别大会批准以14万令吉购买位於北海珍菲市双层店屋,作为公会产业。

之后,第十届会长阮国明,秘书吕启泰,筹委会主席许玉杰等,配合21周年会庆,再次进行募款,较后将珍菲市产业售出,集中资金,於1996年其间一次性以45万令吉购下位于威省诗不郎再也哥拉莎花园一栋三层楼店屋为本会会所。终于1999年4月30日恭请本会会务顾文暨槟州行政议员丹斯里拿督石清霖医生主 持会所大厦落成典礼仪式,商会也正式迁进新会所直到今天。